About Me

Laurence KM Lee examines human emotions such as isolation and loneliness through Chinese ink paintings, multimedia installations and bonsai creations. His artworks embody the intensity of these personal emotions and at the same time explore how ancient Chinese literati culture can be relevant in contemporary art. The artist admires master Chinese literati such as Huang Tingjian and Su Shi, both for their artistic accomplishments and their traditional literati virtues. Bearing the humiliation of being exiled and withstanding the immense emotional pain of segregation, they were still able to embrace the endless solitude and reveal their patriotism in their art. Deeply touched by the strength of bonsai trees to withstand the deformity brought about by traditional bonsai techniques, Lee came to see a resemblance with the indomitable spirit of the literati. It became a source of inspiration for his artwork.

  • Chairman, Penjing Association of Hong Kong
  • Director, Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society
  • Former Vice Chairman, Shatin Bonsai Club
  • Member of Hong Kong Modern Chinese Ink Painting Society


  • Master in Fine Art, RMIT, 2014
  • Master in Multimedia & Entertainment Technology, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 2008
  • Higher Diploma in Design, Swire School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic, 1984
  • Diploma in Modern Chinese Ink Painting, Extramural Studies of Chinese University, 1979